Mission Search and Destroy

As secret agents youmust learn to work effectively behind enemy lines. Experience intense training for the purpose of completing a mission as a secret agent behind enemy lines.

  • Country wide
  • 10 - 24
  • 10 - 100
  • Both inside and outside
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Mission Search and Destroy

“Mission Search and Destroy ” is a customized event with intensive training in effective cooperation . The concept is inspired by the British operations in Northern Ireland in the 70s. Covert British SAS agents completed ‘ intelligence operations ‘, which sought out and destroyed terrorist cells and armories .
Your mission:
The mission is to train surveillance, infiltration and confrontation with terrorists planning to bomb selected targets in Denmark . It requires coordination, cooperation, communication , and you only have one whole day to optimize your cooperation, work skills, and to plan and carry out theintelligence mission. The course acts as a combined course and event team building, approximately 25% training and 75% teambuilding event . Along the way , participants can experience the following:
– Local physical activities
– Cycling, both wilderness and road.
– Monitoring and surveillance techniques
– SWAT training
– Melee techniques
– Team building exercises
– Radio Training
– Final Mission
– Professional directors and actors
– Customized planning based on your business
The course is not blackboard or large binders to the shelf . We focus on professional training and direct hands-on coaching in cooperation, taking into acount what actually happens. Course instructor is a graduate in team psychology and has many years of experience in education. He has also served as head of the Danish operations abroad as well as disaster response in charge of personel of 400 men..

Investment: 3-4000 DKK per participant

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