Morten Korch Party

Step inside the world of Morten Korch and experience an almost forgotten realm of enjoyment, danish environment and nostalgia in a way that so unreal you have to cut it with a knife.

  • Country wide
  • 3 - 7
  • 50 - 1000
  • Inside
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Morten Korch Party

We all remember the Morten Korch universe from our childhood and the endless films with Poul Richard and other danish actors. With all the best elements from that world, a Morten Korch Party will guarantee you a company party filled with enjoyment, nostalgia, relaxing and real good entertainment and lots of food and beverages.

See and experience your colleagues as landlord, farmer, farmers maid, housekeeper and certainly also the intrigues and the games between them all. A company party where everybody gets a chance to unfold themselves.

We provide everything needed to get into to the Morten Korch universe and the correct mood, eg. costumes, red and white tablecloths, decoration, manuscript, catering and off course the chance to swing the little wife in best Morten Korch style. A company party in best nostalgic style.

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