Role Play Teambuilding: The Secret Letter

The participants will travel along secret paths with an important letter, but the trip will be far more dangerous and puzzling than expected. This game is our luxury team building arrangement where focus is on teamwork.

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Role Play Teambuilding: The Secret Letter

A role playing game designed for teambuilding and manager training

In the remote barony of Happyville, the baron’s family have suffered a series of bestial murders. Baron Leopold is old and not far from his deathbed and the last hope for the survival of the lineage is the wedding between the baron’s son and his fiancée.

The participants are sent out by Gandalf the Sorcerer on a secret mission to deliver a sealed letter to Baron Leopold, and it is imperative that this is done just a few hours before the wedding party commences. In the beginning of the adventure, the participants meet with Eidolon the Pathfinder who will lead them along secret paths, but as it turns out the trip is not so secret at all. Someone will do all they can to terminate the group and get hold of the “Secret Letter”.
Each participant in the adventure party possesses a unique character with unique skills and personal goals. Along the way the party will encounter various challenges and the success of the group will in most cases be determined by its ability to make use of the individual participants at the right time. The game is packed with options and puzzles along the way and the participants are highly able to affect the outcome of the game.


Price estimate
For 20 participants: 37.000
For 50 participants: 70.000

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