Team 007

For many years intelligance agencies all over the world have bragged about their skill. The time has come for them all to stand the test. CIA, MOSSAD, GRU and many others are represented is this epic contest.

  • Country wide
  • 2 - 4
  • 4 - 400
  • Outside
  • Physically demanding
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Team 007

The test of intelligence agencies all over the world is here. Through a clever set of tests the hardest, brightest, fastest agency will be revealed. The participants will be representing CIA, GRU, FBI and other agencies in a direct challenge versus each other. The test could include the following challenges:

– Function as an anti-terror unit to take down the terrorists
– Identify a suspect from a written description
– Break IT-codes with a complicated program
– Deal with distractiong information to retrieve the essence
Team 007 will test participants of all ages and physique.
In the Team 007 is also available with transportation in canoes

Price estimate
7 stationary posts (3:15 timer)
For 20 participants: 22.500,-
For 50 participants: 42.000,-

5 stationary posts (2:30 timer)
For 20 participants: 18.100,-
For 50 participants: 35.500,

The estimates are excl. VAT and are guidelines only. Extra services are not included eg. for location and dining.
Please contact us for your final price.

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