Theme Evaluation: The Company like a Fairytale

Through  presentations, group conversations and metaphors we behold the company as a mirror of the adventure that the participants have just completed.

  • Country wide
  • 1 - 3
  • 3 - 150
33 23 95 75

Theme Evaluation: The Company like a Fairytale

The underlying idea is to make your company draw parallels from the adventure to your company and gain cooperation development. Through the connection between the adventure and the company, the challenges of the company are to be seen as an adventure, and focus is put on fighting the “Troll” of the company. The evaluation is not a presentation but rather a proposal and an agenda for a discussion with key questions. Thus the strengths and weaknesses in your cooperation are located by yourself as well as the parallels are drawn by yourself.

The sequence focuses on

A) What functioned well during the game?

B) What could function better?

C) Which elements in the game were similar to our own organisation?

D) Are we able to make use of the elements that worked well or could work well in our organisation?
E) The use of metaphors in the game, which in the future can be used as symbols for relevant measures and processes in the organisation. E.g. do we have a “Troll” within our company? Have we got motivating gems? What traps and sub-optimizing elements occur in our organisation?

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