The Næsbyholm Mystery: Dinner Mystery

Recently the ghosts has begun to haunt the Næsbyholm Castle, and the future is now in jeopardy. Guests at the Castle must therefore, through cooperation and entertaining detection compete to solve the ghost mystery.

  • Country wide
  • 5 - 6
  • 20 - 50
  • Inside
  • Relaxed
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The Næsbyholm Mystery: Dinner Mystery

Mysterious ghosts on Næsbyholm Castle

Midgaard Event has developed their own unique ghost mystery on Næsbyholm Castle.

Recently the ghosts began to haunt on Næsbyholm Castle, which is operated as a conference centre. This has caused fatal consequences, as the tenant fears that it will affect the costumers and ruin the castle.

The dear guests at the castle must therefore solve the haunting on their own, with help from the lady of the castle and her staff, played by our entertaining actors.

Program example
17:00 Welcome
17:20 Guided tour at the castle
18:00 Dinner, and the haunting begins
21:30 Solving the haunts
22:00 The winner team is announced. The end.

– can be extended with a party or casino event

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