Become one of us

Full time job:
We are currently not seeking people for a full time job. 

Salespeople to sales team:
We are expanding our sales team. If you are honest, dedicated and focused on building long-term customer relationships, then Midgaard Event would be a great platform. Your salary will depend on your sales efforts and results.

We offer a range of opportunities for work experience of minimum 1 month. Typically, we have a few suggestions for projects/campaigns for you to get involved in and we also offer insight into how a event company works behind the scenes. We expect you are able to work independently and ambitious about our projects – we may very well let your input contribute to our business. Interested interns can turn to Kristian Worm on or 33239575

Casino Dealers:
Do you have experience in dealing Casino, or are you just super skilled at poker/blackjack/roulette, then give us a call at 33239575. It is also an advantage if you can show charm.

Decorator/Set designer:
We are always looking for contact with several decorators/set designers. Preferably experience with theater or building mobile decoration, and making ends meet. 

Freelance Event Managers:
To become the leader of our team, you must be a player and participate on the floor first. When you write your application as an actor, please let us know that you are interested in becoming a leader eventually and what skills you have with you. We pay for courses and training of our leaders. 

Freelance Actors:
Are you interested in being involved as a freelance actor in our events, please feel free to contact us. It not possible to say how much we have to offer, it depends on events, typecasting and other employee crew. Interested freelancers can turn to Kristian Worm on or 33239575 Include in text: name, age, experience and a lifelike photo.    

Are you lookalike either from reality or the world of film, do you have exciting cinematic equipment or costumes, we would like to hear from you. We can quickly make you a spot in our catalog. If you work as a reliable partner, and we believe in the concept we might promote you as well. Interested lookalikes and partners can turn to Kristian Worm on

We are currently not looking for cleaning