Role Play Teambuilding: The Paths of Gandalf

Teambuilding through a large-scale role-play, where the participants are hero groups gathered from far and near. Cooperation and competition are the key words in this fun and challenging role-playing game where the forest Frydenborg needs saving from the evil troll Styk.

  • Country wide
  • 3 - 6
  • 3 - 700
  • Outside
  • Physically demanding
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Role Play Teambuilding: The Paths of Gandalf

This game evolves in the land of Midgaard, a world of knights, sorcerers, princesses and evil monsters. 20 years ago there were joy and happiness in the Merrywell Forest, until the day when the great troll Styk, concurred the forest. Only a few inhabitants remain in this pestered forest and they are eternally on the run from the wrath of the troll.

At long last Gandalf has found a way to save the forest. Thus, he has summoned parties of adventurers from far and near to aid. Those who perform best will be granted eternal life.

By good teamwork and competitiveness it will prove exiting to behold who will conquer the challenges and win the great reward. This adventure game is designed so that each participant is a part of a group of up to 10 persons. In this team each participant has his or her own function, and the success of the group depends on how well it cooperates internally and makes use of each person’s skills. There is no final solution to the events of the day, but the teams shape the events of the day and decide themselves how to seize the challenges of “The Paths of Gandalf”


During the game, it is possible to include lunch, fruit and beverages.
The game can be held in almost any average forest.

Several different versions:

We plan and create “The Paths of Gandalf” in several different versions. For a number of up to 25 participants we arrange the game in a special luxury version, where the participants are fully equipped. Furthermore, we have a family version when spouses and children participate.

For 25 participants: 33.500,-
For 50 participants: 56.000,-
For 100 participants: 101.000,-

The estimates are excl. VAT and are guidelines only. Extra services are not included eg. for location and dining.
Please contact us for your final price.

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