Enjoy a great evening by the water, with a cosy atmosphere, good food and unique entertainment. Midgaard Event offers Mafia mysteries and the 30s Chicago, where you have the opportunity to solve the murder mystery of Godfather and play casino at Aristo.

  • Copenhagen
  • - 60
33 23 95 75


Aristo restaurant is a place where high quality food is combined with great location and atmosphere. With a wide variety of dishes and wines inspired from the French and Italian kitchen, astonishing interior decoration, and the large panoramic windows overlooking Copenhagen’s most beautiful sunset, Aristo will give your event a unique touch. And the best part, you get all these at a convenient price.

Aristo Restaurant is able to welcome 60 guests.

Together with Murder at Casino Fortuna, we offer a package where the true Italian spirit will get right into your skin. You will have the whole restaurant for yourselves, with delicious food and wine.

During the Casino Event, we will exchange the dining tables with the casino tables while guests have cocktails in the bar.
The casino and the action will complete the atmosphere and create an extraordinary experience for you.

Contact us at or phone +45 33 23 95 75 for more information.

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