The Testament: Murder mystery dinner

Like other murder mysteries, this dinner comes with surprising news – The wealthy host is dead, and he leaves behind a videotape, threatening letters from the murderer, and of course the entire fortune, which is the basis for his testament

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The Testament: Murder mystery dinner

The storyline:
On the basis of an invitation a selection of acquaintances to heavy industry mogul, Herbert Cornelius Thomson, have showed up for dinner this evening. What appeared to be a dinner with exiting news turns out to be a formidable mystery. Mr Thomson is dead and he leaves behind a video tape, threatening letters from the murderer and of course the entire fortune, which is the basis for his testament. During this dinner arrangement the participants must be cunning and those who solve the mystery will have their names added to the testament, and can thus look forward to receiving 22 million USD.

The game:

The testament is a combination of being an exiting murder mystery and a good dinner. Every participant is given a role as well as personal belongings to fit that role, and during dinner it is up to that particular role to solve the murder mystery with the use of common sense, a good imagination and empathy. One will play the role of the murderer and for that person the task is not to get revealed, but instead lay out obstacles to prevent the others from solving the mystery. Along the way the game we will take the lead in the shape of the presence of the Butler, the Chef, and naturally Herbert himself who through a taped video recording will join the others at the table.

Bring out your inner Sherlock Holmes…..

Program suggestion

6.00 Welcome drink and Introduction in the library by James the Butler
6.30 The Guest are invited to the dining room with a recorded video by
the late Thomson
6.45 At the table. Community singing
6:50 The Chef André Souflee presents the food. During the dinner James is carefully managing the planned program from the late Mr.Thomson
8.30 Surprise
8:45 The Guest each point out who they think is the murderer. The murderer selects new victims
9:00 The murderer is revealed and arrested
9:15 James, André Souffle, the police officer and Middgaard Event ends the evening


This is an indoor game and we will arrange for the serving of Mr Thomson’s favourite party dinner. MIDGAARD EVENT will take care of every detail; however, it is possible to choose a restaurant of one’s own wish for the evening. It is possible to play this game all over Denmark and it is suitable for a Company Party or Christmas Lunch.

Price estimate
With 2 actors: 12.990,-
With 1 actor: 9.990,-

The estimates are excl. VAT and transportation. Extra services are not included eg. for location and dining.
Please contact us for your final price.

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