Godfather Cluedo

The Mafiosofamilies are gathered, because old Godfather is dead. Through teamspirit, fun puzzles and murder investigation the families compete in finding the Murderer, the Weapon and Location before time runs out.

  • Country wide
  • 1.75 - 2.5
  • 4 - 500
  • Inside
  • Relaxed
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Godfather Cluedo

GODFATHER CLUEDO is a tactic mafiagame with focus on teamwork and -spirit. The families are gathered, because old Godfather is dead. By using teamspirit, fun puzzlesolving and murdersolving the families are challenging in finding Murderer, Weapon and Location of the murder.


I the old library of Godfather is a serie of entertaining puzzles which challenge intellect, stealth, coorporation and creativity. Do you succeed in solving a puzzle you a granted a hint which will lead a path to the solving. There a plenty of puzzles, and time is limited so a good overview and teamwork is needed. the teams have great influence in which hints they are involved with, so by using tactic sence you get the longest way.

…Is it Mr. Pink in the Wine Cellar with knife ? …or Don Alphonso in the Library with the 9. iron ? …or Big Smokey near the Pool with Pistol ? …or… ?

Godfather Cluedo is very flexible and can be experienced in own rooms, konferencecenters, restaurants or rented locations. Midgaard Event prepare all installations, and You only have to focus on having fun.

Godfather Cluedo is integrated with Casino Event, and hereby opens possibilities for passionate gamblers. Chips earned in Casino naturally have a crucial influence in the solving, so You can play for fun – and to win. If You wish Godfather Cluedo without Casino Event, it can be done with great succes too.

Godfather Cluedo is designed by Midgaard Event through many years – and you can’t find it elsewhere.

Program: Example 1 (All participants join Puzzles and Casino)

16:00 Introduction
16:15 Game begins, puzzles are solved
17:45 End of puzzles
18:00 Dinner
20:00 Casino
21:30 Counting the chips, last opportunity of solving the murder
21:45 End scene. Results published, the winner is pronounced
22:00 The end


Program: Example 2 (Without Casino)

16:00 Introduction
16:15 Game begins, puzzles are solved and gamblers join the Casino
17:45 End scene. Results published, the winner is pronounced
18:00 Goodbye



With decoration
20 participants: 12.990,-
50 participants: 26.490,-
150 participants: 71.490,-

With CASINO EVENT and decoration
20 participants: 19.740,- (incl. 2 manned tables)
50 participants: 35.940,- (incl. 3 manned tables)
150 participants: 94.440,- (incl. 8 manned tables)

The estimates are excl. VAT and are guidelines only. Extra services are not included eg. for location and dining.
Please contact us for your final price.

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