Fantasy Battle

Denmark is divided into several kingdoms, which constantly quarrels for resources. In roles as a general, warrior, wizard, diplomat etc. participants must force their domination. Action – based teambuilding.

  • Country wide
  • 2.5 - 4
  • 9 - 250
  • Outside
  • Physically demanding
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Fantasy Battle

Loads of action, tactics and strategy in this large scale wargame. Wyrmscastle and Drakenscastle have throughout decades disputed over the access to the life-giving fields and the lush forests, but so far none of the realms have succeeded in conquering the other. From both realms it has therefore been decided to point out the best of the best to take part in a final battle against the enemy.

The participants are divided into the two realms battling each other. In the roles of generals, officers, knights, sorcerers, soldiers, standard-bearers, archers, healers, among others, each participant possesses his or her own character. According to the character played you have various skills, equipment, latex weapons (life-like soft weapons) or magic. Cooperation between the roles, organisation, tactics, strategies and loads of determination are the best tools for achieving success when fighting for land, glory and honour.

During the game lunch and beverages can be included. The game can be held in almost all average forests.

Price Estimate:
For 20 participants: 12.200
For 50 participants: 24.200
For 150 participants: 64.200

The estimates are excl. VAT and are guidelines only. Extra services are not included eg. for location and dining.
Please contact us for your final price.

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