Lord of The Rings Party

Celebrate your party in the company of hobbits, dwarves, elfs and a sorcerer or two. An intriguing atmosphere.

  • Country wide
  • 3 - 15
  • 10 - 1000
  • Both inside and outside
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Lord of The Rings Party

Company party in the world of Dwarves and Elves

Lord of the Rings is a popular theme because of the untraditional athmosophere and the great sceneries available. You and your colleagues er thrown back in time to adventurous medieval times, with beautiful Elven princesses, grumpy Dwarves, dangerous Orcs and powerful Wizards.

The setting is completed with dinner inspired by the age and serwing personel, slaves and of course the jolly round innkeeper. Suitable for every occasion.

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