October Party

The notorious and beautiful tradition of the greatest annual  beer festival. Have your Octoberfest with Midgaard Event and get in the spirit of German schlager hits, Heidier and lederhosen. Do not miss the best party!

  • Country wide
  • 3 - 10
  • 20 - 1000
  • Inside
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October Party

Do not miss the October party in true Bavarian style beer, party and horn music.

The proud tradition of Oktoberfest continues at Midgaard Event where any festilig soul will have a wonderful and joyous experience. Oktoberfest was first held in 1810 on the occasion of Kroprins Ludwig’s wedding. The world’s largest beer festival is gigantic in Munich and annually consumed 6 million liters of beer.

Midgaard Event provides ambiance and decoration and leads me to the German sentiment which does just this event so unique and amazing.

Discover hosts in “lederhosen” for the men and the typical “Heidi” in the suit, called “dirnl” to the tune of the authentic largest German schlager hits.

Do not miss the Octoberfest 2015!

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