Mobile Escape Room: Outbreak

Puzzles, where you need to cooperate, solve the riddles and finish the cure to prevent a deadly pandemic. Experience the largest mobile escape room game in Denmark. We offer more than 20 mobile escape games for up to 120 people simultaneously anywhere you wish to play.

  • Country wide
  • 1.5 - 2
  • 3 - 120
  • Inside
33 23 95 75

Mobile Escape Room: Outbreak

Try fun teamwork with our mobile escape game, at any location you choose.
An accident at a secret WHO lab has started a deadly pandemic. You are inside the quarantine zone, and have 75 minutes to visit the secret lab and finish the cure that prevents the deadly pandemic in spreading.

Outbreak is the largest mobile escape room game in Denmark, and we offer 20 rooms, each with space for 6 people. You can choose between 2 difficulties depending on you experience, and the game is run by our skilled actors who both introduce, guide through the game and end with celebration of the fastest team.

Outbreak is a challenging game. Appr. 50 % succeed within time, but everyone have a blast and are involved in the game.

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Each Escape Room accommodate up to 6 people.
Price including 3 escape rooms (up to 18 participants): 14.990,-
For each extra escape room: 3.500,-
all prices are + 25% VAT

Please contact us at or (+45) 33 23 95 75 for an offer.

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