Escape Room in Copenhagen

In our Da Vinci themed ESCAPE ROOMS you will work together in teams of 3-6 persons to solve exciting puzzles and uncover a mystery. You have 60 minutes to find the code and get out in time!

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  • 2 - 90
  • Inside
  • Relaxed
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Escape Room in Copenhagen

Try our well executed and extraordinary DA VINCI ESCAPE ROOM and and get involved in a web of mysteries and riddles. We have three Da Vinci themed rooms, where you must work together in teams of 3-6 persons solving riddles, finding codes and hopefully retrieving the key for the Holy Grail along with the exit code for the room – all in 60 minutes!
This requires teamwork and a great deal of focus.

The Story:

You have recieved mysterious letter from Prof. Johannes Klosterberg, who is in need of your assistance. You have therefore journeyed to one the the three secret Da Vinci rooms, where you will await further instructions from Prof. Klosterberg. The letter was rather short, so all you know is that the fate of the world is in the balance.

The Action:

The DA VINCE ESCAPE ROOM is designed for you as a team to solve a string of riddles in order to solve the ultimate mystery. The riddles vary in shape and complexity so that even the sharpest minds will be facing a challenge. You’ll soon figure out that the only way to solve the mystery is through communication, coordination and creativity!

About Escape Room by Midgaard Event

We are the only place in Denmark with three identical, specialized rooms which means that you can compete three teams against each other at the same time. We can also offer you a conference room and a lounge, so you can be up to 36 competitors in 2 heats while the other teams relax.
You can even put your gambling skills to the test with our CASINO EVENT, which is possible to set up at the location!

The game is perfect for company events, bachelor- and bachelorette-parties, birthdays or a fun activity with family & friends. It fits anyone who wants to spend 60 intense and exciting minutes in our unique universe.

Click here to visit our webpage for the ESCAPE ROOM IN COPENHAGEN. Feel free to send us an email at call us on 41 44 66 99.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you to the DA VINCI ESCAPE ROOM where you’ll get the chance to prove your worth as the Guardians of the Holy Grail!

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