Pandemic Task Force

The world is struck by a global pandemic disaster. In a race against time, you are on the team among top scientists charged with task of finding the ultimate cure to save humanity from total anhilation.

  • Country wide
  • 2 - 4
  • 4 - 180
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Pandemic Task Force

Can your team of top scientists save humanity?

Thrilling and suspenseful event where your team are entrusted with task of saving humanity.
In just four weeks the world has been infected by a deadly virus and it is a race against the clock to find a cure before it is too late.
You are among the senior researchers who are drawn from near and far and transported to safety in this high-security laboratory. Step into a world in quarantine in atmospheric surroundings as experienced in films like ‘Outbreak’, ’28 Days Later ‘and Quarantine.
Pandemic Task Force gives you the opportunity to develop your cooperation and community in this suspenseful, authentic and entertaining environment in a way that participants certainly never tried before.

Example of programme
The event takes approximately 2 hours
10:00 Welcome, Quarantine Team arrives
10:10 Teams go to their bases
11:45 Ending Scene: Which team has the solution.
12:00 Midgaard Event and quarantine team thanks bye.

The package includes
– Customized planning based on your development potential.
– All agreements with the management of the companies involved.
– Professional directors and actors
– Establishing Headquarter
– Course fascilities
– All – catering
– Accommodation
– Transportation underway


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