Superheroes vs Supervillains

Prepare for the ultimate showdown between heroes and villains. Once and and for all, it must be settle who should rule the world. Step into a world of superheroes and villains from this great universe.

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  • 2 - 8
  • 30 - 1000
  • Inside
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Superheroes vs Supervillains

The final showdown is brewing . The greatest heroes face the largest faceoff ever.
It is now the decision will fall on who are to be the ruler of the world!

Will it be Superheroes or Super Villains ?

In connection with the coming party, your guests will receive a great looking email with an invitation from S.U.P.E.R. (Super Uncommon People who perpetually Rule ) which describes the final meeting. Furthermore it refers to the online registration where they must register with their respective super names, whether they be villains or heroes.

The day of the party :
As you walk down the red carpet, superheroes and supervillains each bid you welcome. Along the runner we can supply a photo stand where you will be photographed by a professional photographer. While you enjoy a welcome drink to boost your super abilities, catwoman performs acrobatic moves and sneaks along the audience. Participants can also challenge Darth Vader with soft lightsabers in the battle arena. Sound effects will consists of known themes from Superman, Batman , The Incredibles , Austin Powers , Spiderman etc., while light beams bright colors creates light projections in the style of Gotham City..

When seated at the table superheroes and super villains sit across each other at the table. The nights two superhosts introduce themselves : One Superhero , the other Super Villain . Together they have produced a series of tasks which will decide once and for all who should rule the world .

The competitions includes, among others
– Super -Star -Factor: Photo Competition on the best super – poses,

as well as best super – scream

– Knowledge: Quiz competition for world domination

– Costume : Best super – costume

During the starter and main course mingle tonight super – hosts and their sidekicks with you and helps you to solutions to the above tasks.
During dessert settled Quiz competition for world domination by the two hosts on stage.
After dinner the DJ plays , and with photo booth is that competition for best superhero pose and costume in the photo booth where you can get a picture with co-workers or the evening super – hosts.

The final winners of world domination settled in the big showdown between the two super – hosts.

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