Mission: Impossible – The Coup

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Mission: Impossible – The Coup

‘The coup’ develop your cooperation and gives participants an experience they certainly never tried before.

The coup is a tailored intensive training in effective cooperation. The mission is to plan and run a real coup as thoroughbred agents. It requires coordination, cooperation, communication, and you have less than half a day to train, work together, plan and provide all necessary equipment for the coup.

The course acts as a 50% course and 50% teambuilding event.
The whole operation is based in the base command center. It takes place in real businesses and premises, with real employees, but also participating actors and directors. And the entire process is vetted and approved by the participating companies. The participants is accompanied by Midgaard Events instructors who ensure that security is sound throughout the event.

The course is not performed on a blackboard or in a large ring binder. This is professional training and direct hands-on coaching in cooperation based upon what is actually happening.

Example of application :

Day 1
– Starting at 12:00 pm
– Lunch
– Briefing
– Combined training and planning
– The coup
– Accommodation

Day 2
– Evaluation Workshop in effective cooperation
– Lunch
– Workshop continues
– Finish at 15:00

The program may be adapted

The package includes :
– Customized planning based on your development potential .
– All agreements with the management of the companies involved .
– Professional directors and actors
– Establishing Headquarters
– Course fascilities
– All catering
– Accommodation
– Transportation

The combination of courses, events and real environment is unique, and the coup is available only with Midgaard Event .


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Price estimate: approx. 4000,- per. person excl. accomodation and welfare

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