Bernstorff Castle

Bernstorff Castle is only a 20 minutes drive from Copenhagen and has a unique royal Danish history. It’s ideal for Midgaard Event’ outdoor events and murder mystery dinners.

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  • 43
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Bernstorff Castle

Bernstorff Castle is a castle with a lot of history. In 1854 Christian IX inherited the castle from his father, and the castle was used as a summer residence for most of Europe’s royal families. The castle bears the mark of the royal history and has a unique and fantastic atmosphere and is therefore perfect for Murder Mysteries like Baron Bartholdy or The Testament.

The castle is surrounded by the breathtaking castle garden, which creates an excellent frame for fun and exciting outdoor teambuilding events like The Challenge. These magical surroundings will make your next event unforgettable.

Bernstorff Castle is only 9 kilometers from the center of Copenhagen and is easily accessible with public transport. After a 15 minute walk through the enchanting castle garden, you will arrive at Gentofte Station.


Known for:
Its royal Danish history and the beautiful surrounding garden


Rooms: 23
Beds: 43

Recommended for:
The Challenge
Murder mystery dinners like The Testament or Baron Bartholdys: Murder Mystery Dinner

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