Esrum Monastery

The beautiful and lovely Esrum Monastery gives you the setting for a fantastic experience, great enthusiasm and good events.

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Esrum Monastery

Esrum Monastery opened its doors to the public in 1997. The monastery was founded in 1151 as a Cistercian monastery, on the initiative of archbishop Eskils. However, after The Reformation were the last monks transferred to Sorø Kloster in 1559, and most of the monastery was torn down. The only building that was preserved, was the building used as the kings hunting castle.

Today Esrum monastery is an attraction with more than 60.000 visitors per year, and amazing surroundings that invites to innovative features, relaxing reflections and magnificent parties.  Brother Ru’s basement can help you, if you are looking for an entertaining dinner event, like one of Midgaard Events Murder mysteries, which can offer suspense and challenges for all. The monastery’s kitchen is serving Nordic, season near and authentic food in lovely and surprising surroundings.

Are you looking for a new dimension of the normal and traditional conference, can you among other places use the marvelous medieval hall, which is equipped with all the necessary technical gear.

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