Pakhus 11

Pakhus 11 is a beautiful arts center, ideal for large theme parties. The building is located close to the beautiful Langelinie area at Sdr. Frihavn and within walking distance of Østerport.

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Pakhus 11

Pakhus 11 has gone through a major transformation from the previous electric central station to the beautiful arts center it is today.

The building is located close to beautiful Langelinie in the area of Sdr. frihavn and within walking distance of Østerbro.
The rustic building which emmits cultural history has an unbeatable location right next to the pier and forms the framework for a variety of events and highbrow events.
With high ceilings, rough walls and linen hanging from the ceiling to the floor, the Great Hall of Pakhus 11 forms an incredible aesthetic experience.
In addition to the large hall, Pakhus 11 has a smaller hall with bar, dance floor and a small stage which is perfect for a good party after dinner.

If you are looking for an unconventional conference with an extra dimension, and looking for something new and exciting, this culture site is worth considering. The main hall can accommodate more than 300 people and during breaks, you are encouraged to take refreshments and coffee in the small hall. The combination of the two halls, also makes Pakhus 11 a perfect place to keep a consistent theme party.

There is ample opportunity to decorate the main hall to the extent you might wish, for example, in a cool pirate theme Midgaard Event has arranged in this hall. Imagination is the only limit to your next theme party at Pakhus 11, so do you want a fun escapism from everyday bustle, contact Midgaard Event to learn more.

Possibility of up to 300 diners in the main hall
Good for: Unconventional conference and theme parties, such as pirate party or James Bond party

Contact us at or tel: 33 23 95 75 for further information about our combined location-event package.

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