CSI Investigation team

The participants are drawn into an intricate plot, where the goal is to work quickly and efficiently in the ever-moving life of the city. Equipped with city maps, money and mobile phones, the teams must free their kidnapped CEO.
A high-speed teambuilding event.

  • Country wide
  • 4 - 6
  • 1 - 100
  • Both inside and outside
  • Physically demanding
33 23 95 75

CSI Investigation team


Future Green is one of your company’s potential cooperating partners. It is therefore imperative that an agreement is made today with this company as the alternative is your company being taken over by the unscrupulous rival, the Knakstrom Company. It is a festive day for this arrangement. Besides placing the golden signatures in the contract, Managing Director Jan Sommer has arranged for a festive day with you in his company. He has, among other things, planned activities in the city (e.g. Copenhagen) and therefore the participants are divided into teams and are equipped with city maps as well as mobile phones for communication.

Such is the proposal for the big day, where the contract is to be signed, but it turns out that the schedule of the day is to undergo a major change. Shortly after the arrival of Jan Sommer, masked persons with guns charge in and kidnap Jan Sommer in front of the surprised participants. The game evolves into a chase for Jan Sommer, where the participants get involved with a criminal sub-culture, where it is difficult to tell the victim from the criminal and where new challenges constantly appear.

The participants are involved in a game of intrigues, where speed and efficiency is of the essence in the midst of the turbulence and chaos of the city. A puzzle of pieces of information, objects and actions is to be completed, in order to get to Jan Sommer, release him and get the contract signed.

The participants work in teams but along the way assignments might emerge that are too large for one team alone, thus enabling for more challenging puzzles with more than one solution


For 20 participants: 31.250,-
For 50 participants: 56.750,-

Please contact us at info@mev.dk or (+45) 33 23 95 75 for an offer.

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