The Challenge

The Challenge is a collection teambuilding exercises intertwined with a good adventure. Participants compete against each other in a variety of tasks that challenge all skills. For example, balance beam, bow and arrow, Gandalf Puzzle, wine tasting etc.

  • Country wide
  • 2 - 4
  • 4 - 720
  • Outside
  • Physically demanding
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The Challenge

A well written story combined with the participants duelling in challenging activities. The participants have been summoned by Gandalf the Good Sorcerer, to help the solving of and ancient mystery. To do this it is necessary to undergo a number of challenges and it is only with the use of clever teamwork and the correct combination of physical strength and intellect that the participants reach the top.
On one hand the game calls for the participants to keep their eyes and ears open and solve the mystery. Along the way traces and clues will be presented that can help the participants solve the great puzzle. On the other hand the participants are to overcome the various challenges, as it is the team that performs best at the challenges that is able to give its first answer to the great puzzle, thereby gaining a major advantage.

The activities are based on various skills and the contestants are thus being challenged in both “Strength”, “Dexterity”, “Cool under Pressure” and “Precision” among others. There often exist several solutions to the same problem and creativity might be handsomely rewarded. The level of difficulty can be adjusted according to need and the posts can be arranged in connection with almost any setting or location. The game is suitable for employee teambuilding and there are no rules for age or gender, but the game can be arranged to make even the strongest Arnold break a sweat.


During the game lunch, fruit and beverages can be included. The game can be held in almost any location.

The Challenge also go well with transport in canoes.

Price estimate
For 20 participants:
9 activities: 20.240,-
7 activities: 18.240,-
5 activities: 16.240,-

For 50 participants:
9 activities: 38.990,-
7 activities: 35.490,-
5 activities: 31.990,-

For 150 participants:
9 activities: 101.490,-
7 activities: 92.990,-
5 activities: 84.490,-

Addon with the challenges Stepping Stones and Balancebridges: +5000

The estimates are excl. VAT and are guidelines only. Extra services are not included eg. for location and dining.

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