Medieval Party

The perfect ending to an adventurous event. The Jolly Inn works as a company party, which builds on an adventurous event or as a different evening event.

  • Country wide
  • 2 - 15
  • 5 - 500
  • Both inside and outside
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Medieval Party

The Jolly Inn

Party in the adventurous Inn

The Jolly Inn is designed as a supplement to our adventure games, but can easily be held as an event itself. We will make sure that the participants become guests in our Midgaard inn. There are no waiters, but on the other hand we have an Inn Keeper, and Inn Keeper’s Wife, thralls and other funny characters, which will make sure to entertain the guests. During dinner the good atmosphere will be in focus with candle lights, middle age music (if convenient with orchestra), loads of entertaining touches and personal contact with the guest while serving.

The dinner will be prepared by skilled chefs and the menus can be created according to the wishes of the customer. We have good experiences with our grill menus, in which most of the food is prepared on large outdoor charcoal grills for the guests to observe e.g. while playing “The Paths of Gandalf”.
The menu can be a combination of wild boar, beef, lamb, ostrich, among others, grilled vegetables, salads, huge sub sandwiches, dessert pies, fruit, cheeses and much more. Please contact us for further information on the current seasons’ menu.

Price estimate:
For 20 participants: 14.400
For 50 participants: 25.500
For 150 participants: 62.500

The estimates are excl. VAT and are guidelines only. Extra services are not included eg. for location and dining.
Please contact us for your final price.

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