Christmas Party

Midgaard Event offers exclusive and fun Christmas parties. We will customize your company’s Christmas party, so it fits perfectly to the quality-minded audience.

  • Country wide
  • 3 - 12
  • 5 - 5000
  • Inside
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Christmas Party

November/December is the time for a company Christmas party.

MIDGAARD EVENT have good experience in arranging Christmas parties for the company. We make everything work so that even the responsible arranger can lean back and enjoy the party.

The possibilities:

  • Exclusive Murder Mystery – Christmas party with exciting content
  • James Bond, Crazy Christmas  or another Themed Party
  • Tailormade VIP-Party, Drinks, comedian, band, DJ, decorations, afterparty

All types of party naturally include dinner, drinks and possibilities to design the evening according to your desires.

Regarding location we are happy to facilitate the party in your own selection, and we also have a few ideas should they be needed. Several times we have decorated an otherwise dull or uninspiring dining hall/staff restaurant to make it look like a casino, a Duke’s living room or a alien-filled bar known from Star Wars.

Note that alle Fridays/Saturdays in the christmas dinner period are in high demand so don’t hesitate to contact us now to explore the possibilities.

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