Texas Ranch Party

Pull your six-shooter, step inside the saloon and make Clint Eastwood look like a boy scout in comparison. The company party of the year.

  • Country wide
  • 3 - 10
  • 20 - 1000
  • Both inside and outside
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Texas Ranch Party

John Wayne, Clint Eastwood and a festive evening in the saloon

Cowboys, indians and true saloon spirit will characterize this party set in best cowboy and western style. Gunfights, fistfights and other cowboy entertainment will shape the party and the guest will see themselves in past Amerika for a few hours.

Midgaard Event will see to all decoration, eg. barrels, wagon wheel, robe reels, sadles and similar items. We will also suggest  props for the guest, eg. hats, scarves, revolvers etc.

The event can also contain Western Casino with poker and roulette. Our actors will to the extend it is necessarry be able to instruct in both games.

The staff of Midgaard Event will be in full costume and contribute to the overall theme.

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