Frederiksberg City Hall – Belis Bar

Below Frederiksberg City Hall you can find the restaurant Belis Bar. In the cozy atmosphere of the vaulted basement you can enjoy a delicious meal by the fireplace.

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Frederiksberg City Hall – Belis Bar

In the cozy and evocative surroundings just below Frederiksberg City Hall you find restaurant Belis Bar. It serves delicious varied food under the vaulted ceilings of the open fireplace.
On Belis Bar you can have a gastronomic experience in an intimate setting . The restaurant is located in beautiful and historic rooms. It serves something for everyone and the food consists of dishes from both the Danish and international cuisine.
In summer there is ample opportunity to enjoy the sun on Belis Bar’s outdoor area , right on the square where you can enjoy exquisite food in large white umbrellas and if the weather is not quite with you can relax in Belis Bar’s cozy glass house directly overlooking the square.
The vaulted ceilings in Frederiksberg City Hall and the cozy lighting with an open fireplace is perfect for organizing several different types of events .
Especially Testament will lend itself well to hold in the mayor room at the restaurant.

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